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360° Turn Key


Beam No1 Master Plan Design

  • Clear definition of the project and the objectives it accomplishes
  • Identification and analysis of the needs, but also the limitations imposed by the current legal framework
  • Human resources management study
  • Study of medical applications, functional completeness and its management
  • Initial study of medical equipment
  • Business plan analysis study
  • Initial project budget
Business planning and decision conceptual image - businessman holding wooden cut circle with question mark and arrows pointing in different directions on it.

Beam No2 Feasibility Study and Technical Studies

  • Strategic planning of the project and definition of its fulfillment objectives
  • Operational requirements of the project in medical equipment, medical staff, nursing staff and administrative support
  • Functional requirements of the project in hospital and hotel equipment
  • Initial planning of the necessary infrastructure
  • Architectural study
  • Civil Engineer study
  • Electromechanical study
  • Static study
Building blueprints on an architect table. House project and drawing
conceptual image analysis of financial statements, documents, dollars, magnifying glass and pen on office desk
  • Technical program of constructions
  • Operational plan
  • Technical specifications of medical and hospital equipment
  • Equipment specifications for chambers and waiting rooms
  • Ergonomic management of the working environment
  • Defining the daily workflow and optimizing the patient service flow
  • Principles of on-site mobility for patients, doctors and paramedics
Business office staff are analyzing data graphs to summarize annual results.

Beam No3 Financial Study

  • Detailed project budget
  • Equipment cost assessment
  • Revenue and Operating Cost Budget
  • Preparation of a detailed business plan
  • Choice of the appropriate business model

Beam No4 Licensing and Construction

  • Complete licensing of projects
  • Project construction management study
  • Complete safety study (fire protection, radiation protection, etc.)
  • Detailed studies of certified contractors (air conditioning study, medical gas study, etc.)
  • Decoration study
  • Marking study
  • Construction under supervision
  • Functional inspection before delivery
The home broker recommends the client to sign the contract,Real estate concept.

Beam No5 Equipment and Logistics

  • Complete recording of the appropriate equipment
  • Technical requirements study
  • Technical specifications of equipment
  • Equipment installation study
  • Preliminary equipment installation work list
  • Trading and purchase of equipment
  • Equipment reception – inspection and quality control
Medical devices and industrial lamps in surgery room of modern hospital. Interior hospital design concept
Gloved hand of paramedic regulating level of something on medical first aid equipment inside ambulance car

Beam No6 Equipment Installation and Operation

  • Equipment Installation and Interconnection
  • Operational control
  • Personnel training
  • Certifications and User Manuals collection & archiving
Profile view of concentrated bearded inspector wearing white coat taking necessary notes while carrying out inspection at dairy plant, portrait shot

Beam No7 Technical training

  • Technicians training
  • Organization of equipment management system
  • Organization of the Biomedical technology Department

Beam No8 Maintenance and Warranty

  • Design of control and maintenance procedures
  • Check and record of devices warranties
  • Organization of Preventive maintenance procedures
  • Management of service contracts
Trusted partner mark imprinted on a paper background with rubber stamp. Concept of trust in business and partnership. 3D illustration

Beam No9 Human Resources and Procedures

  • Staffing and functional training of doctors, nurses, technicians, paramedical and administrative staff
  • Job Descriptions
  • Preparation of an organization chart
  • Organization of staff training programs
  • Quality programs management
  • ISO certification
  • Safety procedures training
Wooden blocks with the word Plan. Strategy planning. Management business concept.
Golden compass rose over black background with five pawns. Business advice  or strategic marketing  concept. 3D illustration.

Beam No10 Administration & Operations

  • Management Administration
  • Medical Administration
  • Nursing Administration
  • Professionalism training
  • Design of Key Performance Indicators

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