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At MEDTINS we are able to offer a holistic package of services to our customers, with complete or selectable services, with a range of action ranging from the optimal strategic medical choice to the operational management of each separate medical unit.

Strategic medical plan

  • Study of external health environment, public & private
  • Map of healthcare providers
  • Selection of goals and priorities
  • Definition of development stages and activities forecasting
  • Redesign of medical facilities
  • Mergers
Business planning and decision conceptual image - businessman holding wooden cut circle with question mark and arrows pointing in different directions on it.
Close-up image of business executive showing financial report to his coworker

Feasibility study and Technical studies

  • Νeeds determination and identification of any kind of constraints
  • Analysis of alternative options
  • Construction planning
  • Technical requirements planning, human resources planning and facilities completeness planning
  • Operational and workflow plan
  • Detailed technical studies
  • Renovation study
  • Project budget
  • Profitability study

Licensing and construction

  • Complete licensing of projects
  • Construction schedule
  • Construction under supervision
  • Functional inspection before delivery
Electrical diagrams, accessories for engineer jobs and house under construction, concept of building home
Equipment and medical devices in modern operating room at hospital

Equipment - Installation - Operation - Training

  • Equipment and interoperability study
  • Equipment delivery and payments scheduling
  • Control of received equipment
  • Equipment integration, coordination and interoperability of devices
  • Installation control and use availability
  • Opening kick off
  • End-users training programs
  • Technical support training programs
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  • Warranties organization and classification
  • Device maintenance programs
  • Service contracts management

MEDTINS is a unique option of a “one stop shop” for any healthcare unit.

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